Meet the team

Our friendly Housing and Financial Inclusion Team are here to help you, and provide support to you during your tenancy with BCHA. If you are struggling to pay your rent, or if you need some help and advice regarding your finances or any tenancy matters, then our staff are here to help. You'll find contact details for the team below.

Stephen Lowe
Housing Services Manager

Phone: 01202 410500

Mobile: 07890524752

Joanne Baker
Former Tenant Arrears Officer

Phone: 01202 410504

Elayne Drouet-Symes
Income Officer

Phone: 01202 410586

Mobile: 07966 808828

Kari Ireson
Income Officer

Phone: 01202 410541

Mobile: 07966 800207

Jeanette Morgan
Financial Inclusion Officer

Phone: 01202 410567

Mobile: 07966 800208

Carla Daeche
Tenancy Officer

Phone: 01202 410508

Mobile: 07966 667815


Esther Godber
Income Officer 

Phone: 01202 410548 

Mobile: 07966 808874

Lee Hardwick
Estate Superintendent

Mobile: 07890 524752