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Property Management Update

It is clear that the impact of COVID-19 continues to affect us all.  In particular, providing some of the routine services to you has been compromised due to the availability of various skilled trades and contractors, being short staffed due to recruitment and self-isolation requirements, as well as lead-times for materials.  We are aware this is a similar situation across the housing sector.

We apologise as all these factors have affected the normal repair service you receive from us and we are trying to expand our internal resources through New Leaf Repairs.

Emergency repairs are always prioritised and we are attending these within timescales – we have to attend within 24 hours.

We prioritise emergency repairs and attend within 24 hours as well as continually providing health and safety compliance inspections.  There are delays to our routine repairs service and the shortages have also delayed our programme of planned works, such as kitchens and bathroom replacements. 

We know how disappointing it can be when a repair or upgrade gets cancelled or rearranged at short notice.  We are working hard to reduce the waiting times and the situation is improving.  We are delighted to confirm that we have now recruited for the majority of key roles and are also growing our team by recruiting a further two extra tradespeople.  

Thank you for your patience and understanding during these challenging times.

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